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Home Part 2.

Posted in Photography by thepoisonpen on February 16, 2014


I’ve been back home for a few months now. In some way it’s nice, as I feel like a bit of a hermit, and thus it’s enabling me to sort through some things and focus more on what I want to do next. The nicest thing though is being able to go for walks into the countryside, just 10 minutes from home and visit one of  the local farms shops to stock up on home grown veggies for smoothies or treats like chocolate macadamia nut spread. Hmm.




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Nimble Fingers

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Cullercoats in instax hand stitched.


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I’ve never worn the wig. Except once when it had diamante devil horns attached and it terrified the cat into thinking I was possibly, a giant cat.

Photos: Simon next to the statue of Bacchus at the British Museum, Danni drinking tea at the Wellcome gallery where we gossiped about male models, and me and my bestie Katie a long time ago (note: not in the wig) at some shitty gig in which I puked all down the street on my way home. Never drink wine in the head of steam is the moral there.

Update: if your cat is being a dick (they are prone), then here is proof of the cat ears technique. I’m not outwardly condoning terrifying your cat, but I am just throwing it out there.

Merry Christmas!

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I had a quite one this year, with one family member unwell but refusing rest (nana, you’re going to be tied down next) and one in Afghanistan it was more intimate and calmer. Well, minus one ambulance call out at 4am. It was just lovely to be around family. Oh and my mum spoiled me with my favourite perfume, Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia with body lotion! Spoiled. And now smelling like flowers.


Posted in Durham, Photography by thepoisonpen on November 19, 2013

by Taegon Kim

Sunday I took a trip into town for Lumiere, a now annual art installation in Durham city. My favourite piece was probably the dresses, they were beautiful in a ‘Sleeping Beauty spectre’ kind of way. The crowds weren’t too bad, usually what put me off going on previous years. The only thing that was annoying was all the tripods out. It’s such an odd age where we now spend more time looking at things through our phones than actually processing them with our eyes. Except the kids, they were just in awe.

Durham Cathedral


Carrier Bag Lights




Afternoon tea amongst the fauns

Posted in Days Out, Durham, Photography by thepoisonpen on October 30, 2013

I started a new writing class when I moved back home. It was a ‘oh god my life is slowly disintegrating into something I can’t even recognise, here lets sign up for something to make it seem less frightening’. So I did. And was beyond overwhelmed when on first day I was greeted with a platter of fruit, biscuits and tea. Durham University really does take care of its students. Feeling out of my depth, but just about coping. It’s such a wonderful class and environment. And as testament to that, we were all taken for a trip to Whitworth Hall for afternoon tea! To feed the deer! Ha. They were greedy and had slimy, desperate tongues. Think I prefer them from afar.

IMG_1154 copy

The Secret.

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Me in my old flat that was riddled with spiders. A fellow tenant being a black house spider in which I had a game of cat & mouse with over the period of a month. Mainly so I could avoid becoming another article on the daily mail alongside a picture of an inflamed bite wound. They are wily things.

A timely trip away

Posted in Photography by thepoisonpen on August 4, 2013

I talked my way onto my mum’s birthday trip to Poland this year. She’s been slowly working through all the cities in Europe that she has never visited, so after a slightly miserable summer and the use of a bit of savings, I wangled myself on the trip.

What an incredible city Krakow is. I suppose a lot of avidity can be given to most places that take you away from home and give you a new perspective on life. But to spend time in city with such a, shall we say, colourful history was an incredibly eye opening experience. I left my phone and digital camera at home (for fear of getting them nicked and lack of funds for insurance/replacements) and took along my OM-10 as I was feeling less inspired to spam my instagram account with the usual ‘look at this amazing time I’m having’ monotony.

It was a wonderful trip, spending time with my family and familiarising myself with a new city. But on reflection, it was made more special by the fact I didn’t commit every second to instagram or digitally. I do admit however, that I did get lost and realised that at times like those mobile phones are really bloody useful, especially as we now rely on them so greatly we tend to forget basic reconnection tactics like ‘i’ll meet you at x,y or z’ and if not then ‘we’ll meet you back at zyx’ etc. Technology eh?








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The instax is back!

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New shows for Yellow Creatures, basically a fun half an hour messing about the Offquay. ImageImage

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Time to pick up pace again.

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The past 6 months have been a turbulent, funny, quaking epoch in my life. Liking to focus on the positives, I starred in a play of one of my all time favourite films: Arsenic & Old Lace, at the People’s Theatre in Newcastle. I then spent a horrid 2 months learning how to stage act to the best of my ability and managing to *not* pass out on stage for 5 nights in a row. Amazing knee buckling stuff. I also met some lovely people which is probably the most important thing.

I have to say one of my favourite things was being able to feel part of a family unit for those 2 months. Everyone was so helpful despite feeling completely out of my depth and having zero experience. I even got some of my home ware onstage in the form of a hideous gold candelabra.

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