The Poison Pen

An Ode to Attica

Posted in Local by thepoisonpen on May 9, 2010

Long before the days when everyone and your mam started opening up vintage shops, synonymous with the ubiquitous word ‘vintage’ and the Topshop brigade, there was Attica. A store freshly opened in the dirty back streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the late 80’s, acting as a treasure trove for all things hideous and wonderful all under one roof. Like a psychadelic and prom dressed Toys R Us for adults with no style. Or plenty of style depending on your perspective. Each piece is dated and tagged precisely, so you know you’re buying from somebody who knows their 1980’s lace from their 1920’s silk velvet.

I used to frequent this delight far too often in my dirty teen goth days in the late 90’s, and despite having no money to spend in it, it was always a calm amongst the storm hidden away next to a tiny guitar shop and RPM music store. And despite the recessions coming and going and returning back again in full force, it has remained the same, a completely ageless gem.

The owner kindly let me take photographs yesterday afternoon, and I finally bought something fantastic. An orange babydoll set jacket (I couldn’t afford the actual matching baby doll too sadly) for £17.50.

Attica can be found by those who know where to look or at: 2, Old George Yard, Off High Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1EZ


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