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The Antipodal Dorian Gray – had he been a sick girl and that.

Posted in Local by thepoisonpen on May 13, 2010

© Juliet Chenery-Robson from ‘A Diagnosis of Exclusion’.

It’s M.E awareness week this week. And whilst I’m not particularly patriotic to charities (I spend enough money in their shops to despise being stopped in the street and guilt tripped by smug students into handing over money), recently a part of my recent past has been featured in a local exhibition which has meant far more regional press than I had ever expected. From finding four piles of my face in the tourist information centre that I had accidently wandered into, to working in the Baltic library and seeing it in a magazine was, frankly weird. I cannot even describe it as some falsely coy ego trip as the picture is pretty much as is, without makeup and being a representative for an illness I have struggled badly with for the last 8 years. An illness that took away my latter teenage years, my social life, my education and as much as I hate to sound like a moaning minnie, it’s sadly the truth.

I don’t talk about it much online as for a long time the online world was the only world I had access too and I enjoyed trying to get on with my interests as much as possible to stay sane. So as such it hid a lot of what was going on behind the scenes.

Anyway you can see the very talented and evocative work of Juliet Chenery-Robsons ‘A diagnosis of Exclusion’ at the DLI Museum & Art Gallery, Durham from now untill Sunday 6th June. It’s not depressing, I promise.


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