The Poison Pen

A Pet Owners Anguish

Posted in Uncategorized by thepoisonpen on August 2, 2010

Well, he’s not actually my pet, but my boyfriends so I have become unwitting caretaker parent to this docile looking creature. Despite the behemoth of hair he used to leave over everything I owned (untill I bought the FURMINATOR), throwing himself at doors of rooms he wants to be in and generally sitting in front of the window when you’re eating because he clearly likes to be near you. All of this was considered a minor annoyance until he left me dealing with a baby pigeon my boyfriend kindly left under a large ceramic garden pot (“its half dead, I assume it’ll be dead when I get back I just didn’t want you to see it”). Turns out the poor thing was very much alive, another reason never to trust the reason of a man. So I scooped it up, bright eyed, warm (the sure sign that the throws of death are far, far away) and had to call the rspca to come and rescue it. Of course my boyfriend didn’t tell them it was his cat that did it, so I am forcing a very large donation their way for even having to come and pick up the poor thing up in the first place.

Cats, are not doing a very good job at winning over my heart in the pet stakes.

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