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Smoke and Mirrors

Posted in Uncategorized by thepoisonpen on May 28, 2011

I feel incredibly disillusioned with the general blogging stratosphere these days. The evolution of words and expression seems to have become a homogenized uttering of the same ideas, tastes and flavours.

Putting your best foot forward, and I blog therefore I am.

I guess I’ll sound like ol’ sour grapes like every other mid 20 something who’s been online far too long. But things are continuing to feel far less real, so that social interactions almost become a depressing and awkward byproduct. People re-post creative expressions that were conceived and created lovingly and time consumingly by somebody else, yet these images become specters that are supposed to reveal another individuals style and personality ala tumblr. In the words of Edwina abfab flipping through an interior design magazine locked in the living room with Saffy “I WANT TO BE ALL OF THESE THINGS!”.

I really don’t want to be all of these things and it makes me long for the days of the marginally vain, awkward and not very css forward pages that had far more fun and frivolity about them than being the 179th person to re-post it in the first place.

The internet; a place that makes you feel like to you need to own a £2k lens to take photographs of yourself and your outfits. A place where little explanation of background, media trials and evolution are expressed truthfully. Because who wants to truly be seen as anything less than perfect right?


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  1. Becky Hunter said, on May 28, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Well said, Lucy. I might print this out & stick it on my fridge to remind me of not to get sucked into the marketing/blog/perfect biz. Missing you! xxxx

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