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Memoirs of a Mangy Lover

Posted in Uncategorized by thepoisonpen on February 1, 2012

I bought this recently at Tynemouth Market. The Sunday market felt particularly disappointing these days as it’s mainly filled with new items, craft sellers and cheap jewellery. There’s some brilliant illustrations throughout but I’ve not yet started reading it. My mind is in a flitting mood and I can’t seem to gather the attention span to read anything other than old Beatrix Potter books.

January was a good month overall, I’ve decided I want to start some monthly appraisal so I can monitor how much I am getting done versus spending my days feeling quite the opposite. I went to see an old unreleased Japanese horror about a ghost cat and a shamisen player, felt thoroughly inspired by a Mervyn Peake exhibition, took up a porcelain jewellery class (in which my mother came round and managed to smash some of them by accident), met some cool girls, bleached my hair blonde and started to feel a bit more in line and a bit more focused. Next, is to get back in touch with the music and find myself an art studio.


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  1. mat said, on February 2, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    top find, i wouldn’t mind this either

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