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Instagram (or the welcome of the android brigade)

Posted in Uncategorized by thepoisonpen on April 8, 2012

Funny how the more things happen in your life, the less time you feel like writing about it online. I’ve been up and down, my health has been poor so I engrossed myself in gardening (more on that later) and practising with a new drummer and keyboardist for our band. A proper band! Who would have thought. From such humble upbringings as a stage fright inducing two piece.

I had a birthday and turned 27 to the display of a surprise party in Baby Lynch’s amongst hideous 70s decor, tretchikoff pictures, friends, cat playing cards and a cake equivalent of hotel chocolat chocolates. Boyfriend is worth his weight in gold.

I’m also contemplating ideas in my head for my business. The old formula is feeling tired, but since having the studio I can feel a new direction forming, slowly but surely. Always follow your passions, or at least that’s what 100 tumblr reblogs tell you.

Anyway, feel free to add me on instragram. I much prefer saying things with pictures than to be redistricted within 144 characters.

instagram / stealingkittens.


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