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Afternoon tea amongst the fauns

Posted in Days Out, Durham, Photography by thepoisonpen on October 30, 2013

I started a new writing class when I moved back home. It was a ‘oh god my life is slowly disintegrating into something I can’t even recognise, here lets sign up for something to make it seem less frightening’. So I did. And was beyond overwhelmed when on first day I was greeted with a platter of fruit, biscuits and tea. Durham University really does take care of its students. Feeling out of my depth, but just about coping. It’s such a wonderful class and environment. And as testament to that, we were all taken for a trip to Whitworth Hall for afternoon tea! To feed the deer! Ha. They were greedy and had slimy, desperate tongues. Think I prefer them from afar.

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Perfect Weekend

Posted in Days Out by thepoisonpen on February 20, 2012

This past week has been a bit of a retrograde for my health, a few heart things have re-occurred so I’ve spent as much time as I can learning how to relax, watching movies and generally trying not to worry myself into the ground. I see my specialist today, so fingers crossed everything is working as it should.

So the weekend came as a welcome relief. My boyfriend and I went to the beach, I took photos with the instax (search charity shops for them!) and drove down to Cullercoats to Beaches & Cream for coffee and cake. Which when we arrived they had exactly the same gluten free orange cake as last time, which was gorgeous. Nice to see they’re still thriving, but with a cafe that beautiful with great service it’s not hard to see why.

The rest of the weekend was spent with a mini band practice with our new keyboardist who adding some melodica to a song I wrote on an old out of tune bontempi organ. Then watching Italian films like Fellini’s Amarcord and Baba Yaga, a bizarre tale about a witch who posseses a young photographer girl with a evil bondage doll. I’m not much up on films that have come out in the past 5 years so please recommend me some. x


Posted in Days Out by thepoisonpen on October 16, 2011

Over the summer I seem to have neglected photo posting, and in some cases taking photos entirely. I got myself a new phone and neglected the SLR. Here are some pictures of Keswick from my first dalliance into camping sans music festival. We picked possibly the only hot weekend in June and enjoyed rambling through fields and streams. I have 3 cameras worth of film to develop, including testing out some 120 film in one and panoramic shots in another, so I hope they come out ok…



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Beaches & Cream

Posted in Days Out, gluten free, Local by thepoisonpen on March 21, 2011

Saturday called for a venture into the wilds of the north east coast, which lead to finding this surprising little coffee house just north of Tynemouth at Cullercoats Bay! And what a treat it was. I find Tynemouth for all it’s seaside town charm, lacking in the eatery department, particularly if you’re off gluten/dairy. So when I wandered in on the off chance to see if this little eatery offered soya milk, I was answered back with a surprising yes, we do! And a look out of the corner of my eye spied a gorgeous almond and orange gluten free cake. Heaven!

And as if that’s not enough, what should sit next door but a wonderful old fashioned style ice cream parlour!

The interior is a beautifully designed elegant space where you’ll find an array of Fornasetti accents. My lust for the wallpaper knows no bounds as I was eyeing it up last year when we were re-decorating our fireplace. True lust! A bit of googling reveals it’s the work of Space ID and Quay Shop Fitters who also designed the beautiful shop/cafe of Gareth James Chocolatier just down the road in Tynemouth.

Well worth the small drive up the coast, especially since I tend to find the eateries in Tynemouth disappointing at best.

Beaches & Cream
North Shields,
Tyne and Wear,
NE30 4PN

So Near And Yet So Far: Enamel Sign Exhibition

Posted in Days Out by thepoisonpen on March 14, 2011

Recently I went to Shildon’s Railway museum to see the old Victorian sign exhibition, the only one of it’s kind. It was amazing to see these up close and the detail that went into each one by hand. As well as some interesting and questionable advertising from the cigarette companies! Smoking to cure sore throats…

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A day at the park

Posted in Days Out, Photography by thepoisonpen on October 26, 2010

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The Good Old Antiques Fair

Posted in Days Out, Oddiments by thepoisonpen on May 4, 2010

Me and the Bird attended our local yesterday, choosing to take less money than I should of, it was filled with more fantastic finds than usual to act as punishment. I’m such a regular I already know a few of the stallholders and can even be found tidying Mark the silver sellers stall, that or trying to find rings that actually fit my infantile sized fingers amongst all his dirty tat. A good way to spend an afternoon!

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Posted in Days Out by thepoisonpen on February 21, 2010

Finding yourself spending time with absent family, in remote places, enjoying the scenery and pouring your eyes over a vast and tumultuous sea of vintage finds, welding and sealing new bonds. When existance viewed from our eyes become specks of dust on a window pane coupled neatly with the beauty of the place you grew up.

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