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Posted in Durham, Photography by thepoisonpen on November 19, 2013

by Taegon Kim

Sunday I took a trip into town for Lumiere, a now annual art installation in Durham city. My favourite piece was probably the dresses, they were beautiful in a ‘Sleeping Beauty spectre’ kind of way. The crowds weren’t too bad, usually what put me off going on previous years. The only thing that was annoying was all the tripods out. It’s such an odd age where we now spend more time looking at things through our phones than actually processing them with our eyes. Except the kids, they were just in awe.

Durham Cathedral


Carrier Bag Lights




Afternoon tea amongst the fauns

Posted in Days Out, Durham, Photography by thepoisonpen on October 30, 2013

I started a new writing class when I moved back home. It was a ‘oh god my life is slowly disintegrating into something I can’t even recognise, here lets sign up for something to make it seem less frightening’. So I did. And was beyond overwhelmed when on first day I was greeted with a platter of fruit, biscuits and tea. Durham University really does take care of its students. Feeling out of my depth, but just about coping. It’s such a wonderful class and environment. And as testament to that, we were all taken for a trip to Whitworth Hall for afternoon tea! To feed the deer! Ha. They were greedy and had slimy, desperate tongues. Think I prefer them from afar.

IMG_1154 copy