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12/365 What a £10 charity shop gets you

Posted in The Charity Shop by thepoisonpen on April 20, 2010

12/365 What a £10 charity shop gets you

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The mother of all charity shop hauls – almost. I’ve come back more laden with crap than this, but finding not only one but two Boris Karloff videos really deserves some kind of treasure amongst the shit award. All of 20p each (the body snatcher is exellently sinister and I would fully recommend it).
The depressing modern world failed me again when trying to locate reasonably priced bedside tables. I wonder why I even bothered looking through the argos and ikea websites when if you’re lucky you can get them in charity shops for a reasonably amount (this one was £3.99). Both giving to charity to ease your financial consumer conscience and getting a pretty funky piece of furniture. Or proper nana furniture but either way I plan to paint this black to go with the rest of our new room once it’s finished. Now I just need to find Marc one…

The brother deluxe typewriter is my favourite object in my writing room so finding another for £2.50, well I couldn’t help but snap it up. It’s getting sick though, that makes mine and my partners collective typewriter collection up to 6. Next time you read a post like this I’ll be on telly sitting amongst my treasures like the next Mr . Trebus