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Wholegrain Spelt Bread

Posted in The Cooking Monster by thepoisonpen on May 27, 2010

48/365 Wholegrain Spelt Bread

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Behold! My first attempt at making bread from scratch. And it is oh so much easier than you would think! After discovering I can’t eat spelt anymore, I didn’t want the flour to go to waste, so apart from fattening my boyfriend up on the spelt cookies, it was getting bland making the same thing over and over. So I invested in some Doves farm quick yeast and set away with the recipe on the side of the flour packet for olive bread. Only minus the olives ha.

I didn’t knead it for hours on end but overall it was easier and quicker than I would have ever assumed after nearly buying a bread machine last month. The cost of gluten-free bread is obscene so I’m trying to look for the most economical ways to fund my fanny of a diet.

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Chocolate Chip & Pecan Spelt Cookies

Posted in The Cooking Monster by thepoisonpen on May 5, 2010

27/365 The Cookie Monster
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After spending what felt like hours, days, WEEKS looking for a good spelt cookie recipe that wasn’t american and measured everything in cups and used ingredients like ‘apple sauce’ and maple syrup. I finally decided to do what I should have done in the beginning. Just substitute the whole meal flour for spelt. Genius, you will clearly agree.

The basic cookie recipe can be found at the BBC created by non other than chicken saving toff Hugh Fernley Whittingstall.

My amendments to make the pecan and chocolate chip cookies were:

  •  Wholewheat to Doves Farm Wholegrain Spelt Flour
  •  125g Pure Dairy Free Spread.
  •  100g of Molasses sugar instead of brown sugar (it makes them richer so you won’t find yourself scoffing them all in one go)
  • 75g of white sugar reduced from 100g
  • 100g of dark chocolate dairy free chips (makes no difference really, but I didn’t want huge chunks.
  • 40g chopped pecan nuts

Voila! Not quite gluten-free but very delicious and completely milk free for anyone with a lactose intolerance.