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A timely trip away

Posted in Photography by thepoisonpen on August 4, 2013

I talked my way onto my mum’s birthday trip to Poland this year. She’s been slowly working through all the cities in Europe that she has never visited, so after a slightly miserable summer and the use of a bit of savings, I wangled myself on the trip.

What an incredible city Krakow is. I suppose a lot of avidity can be given to most places that take you away from home and give you a new perspective on life. But to spend time in city with such a, shall we say, colourful history was an incredibly eye opening experience. I left my phone and digital camera at home (for fear of getting them nicked and lack of funds for insurance/replacements) and took along my OM-10 as I was feeling less inspired to spam my instagram account with the usual ‘look at this amazing time I’m having’ monotony.

It was a wonderful trip, spending time with my family and familiarising myself with a new city. But on reflection, it was made more special by the fact I didn’t commit every second to instagram or digitally. I do admit however, that I did get lost and realised that at times like those mobile phones are really bloody useful, especially as we now rely on them so greatly we tend to forget basic reconnection tactics like ‘i’ll meet you at x,y or z’ and if not then ‘we’ll meet you back at zyx’ etc. Technology eh?








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